As Nigeria Turns 50

By Nasir, June 4, 2010 10:53 am

As Nigeria turns 50, we’re distracted by which region should produce the next president and fail to note threats to National Security. We are not self sufficient in food and energy and import much of our food and fuel with oil money driving rapid population explosion (from 50 million in 1960 to 150 million in 2010). Our reserves may last us max 40 years. How do we feed our people and power our economy when oil dries up or the West discovers an alternative? We can not be a major oil producer surrounded by fuel thirsty neighbours who will readily buy cheap fuel refined in Nigeria yet we import fuel. If we can discipline ourselves and stop importing and start refining we will maximize our economy. It is the proceeds from this venture that we should spend on improving our electricity generation infrastructure to modernize our economy in preparation for the post oil era which WILL come. These are our major problem, not where a president should come from.


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